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    Oxygen indicator deoxidizer

  • Peoduct:Deoxidizer for baking

  • Raw materials:Iron deoxidizing material
    Product specification:30cc

    Product size:30*35mm

    Product function:The absorption of oxygen and the indication of oxygen concentration

    Application scope: Food packaging, medical health products, etc.

    Order Hotline:400-888-7211

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Oxygen indicator deoxidizer, also known as an intelligent deoxidizer or an indicator of deoxidization.

Literally, it is a product that can be deoxy and can also indicate the concentration of oxygen in a specific sealed environment.



1、Deoxidizer and oxygen indicator combine to be one, easy to use and strong as a whole.

2、It makes the inspection of the factory become clear, easy and reliable; it is not necessary to worry about the quality of deoxidizer, and is beneficial to the monitoring of the whole food storage.

3、To enhance the customer's confidence in the quality of the product, especially use in the packaging of moon cakes and cakes and other products, can greatly improve the taste of the product.




1、The time for deoxidizer to become red under anaerobic conditions required less than 8 (h.25 ℃)

2、The time for deoxidizer to become blue under aerobic conditions required is less than or equal to 5 (min.25  ℃)

3、The number of repeated discoloration is not less than 20 times

4、The discoloration reaction of oxygen indicator deoxidizer is influenced by ambient temperature, and the reaction is slow when the temperature of the environment is lower.



It is widely used in Chinese and Western cakes, such as moon cake and cake.