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    Organic deoxidizer - continuous type

  • Peoduct:Deoxidizer for baking

  • Raw materials:Organic series
    Product specification:30cc

    Product size:40*44mm

    Product function:Absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide

    Application scope:Canned food, etc.

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图片1.png     Organic deoxidier, such products can also release the same volume of carbon dioxide in the absorption of oxygen at the same time, the cost of the product is more expensive than ordinary although deoxidizer, but relatively thick plastic packing can increase the cost is much lower, at the same time, this method can effectively extend product shelf-life, guarantee the quality of the food, can bring tangible benefits for manufacturers. It can not only keep food deoxidizing agent in food packaging, but also solve the problem of packaging tank deformation.

The continuous deoxidizer, in combination with the automatic parcel delivery machine, can improve the production efficiency and save the labor cost.


1.While absorbing oxygen and releasing the same volume of carbon dioxide, the volume of gas in food packaging will not shrink due to the reduction of oxygen, which will affect the appearance of packaging.

2.The organic matter is formulated with no metallic substance. It is mainly applicable to the production line with metal detector, and to help judge whether the food is mixed with metal material in the package, and it will not pollute the product in the bag.

3. The oxygen concentration in the package can be reduced to less than 0.1%, so that the food is in a state of oxygen free.

4.Carbon dioxide also has a bacteriostasis effect.

Product principle:

Organic deoxidizer is the main body of organic matrix, such as enzymes, ascorbic acid, oleic acid, etc. Ascorbic acid (AA) itself is a reducing agent. Under aerobic condition, it can oxidize or dehydrogenate ascorbic acid (DHAA) with copper ion as catalyst, so as to remove oxygen in the environment. This method is often used to remove oxygen in food.





Total oxygen uptake (ml)                     ≥

2.2 times nominal oxygen uptake

Total carbon dioxide release(ml)             ≥

Balance with oxygen absorption, deviation of 10%

Nominal deoxidization time (h)                 ≤


Anti drop test (1.2 meters)

No breakage

Metal detection

iron ball diameter(Φmm) ≤


Diameter of stainless steel ball(Φmm)               ≤




1)Canned food;

2)Dry fish jerky products, snack foods, meat products, dried fruits and vegetables, herbs and so on;

3)Other foods that require packing bags that do not shrink from deoxidization by deoxidization.