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Hunan Symposium on food related products

Date:2018-02-03 Author: Click:

Hunan Symposium on food related products

2017-11-16 11:08:02 Source: red net synthesis Author: Shen Mengyan Editor: Liu Yulei Red net official micro-blog


Red Net News (reporter Shen Mengyan) on November 15th to promote and promote the healthy development of leisure industry, local flavor of food today, food related products technology seminar sponsored by the Hunan provincial product quality supervision and Inspection Institute held in Changsha, quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Hunan Province, Hunan province food and drug administration responsible person to attend the meeting.

     The nineteen major victories of the party symbolized the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. "Quality first" and "quality power" have been written into the nineteen major reports of the party, which fully embodies the party's high emphasis on quality work. This year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the guiding opinions on quality improvement actions, improving the quality work to an unprecedented national strategic level.

     As a major leisure food Province, Hunan has many characteristics, but there are many problems in food related product safety and application technology, such as packaging materials, product design, production process, new materials, and so on. How to ensure the safety of food related products? Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision department director Xiong Xiaosu said, the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision through on-site inspection, product sampling inspection, do not meet the food safety standards of products for law enforcement and seizure of production facilities and equipment, strengthen publicity and education training and other ways to regulate. Cases of major food safety accidents and non food safety standards were transferred to public security cases, and they were severely punished and dealt with. At the same time, we should carry out scientific research, guide and encourage enterprises and scientific research institutes to carry out public innovation and venture.

     The event, the meeting focused on how to scientifically select and ease of use of functional materials, food packaging materials, deoxidizer for external controlled food and other products for the study,representatives of the conference held a free speech on the safety of food and related products, production permits, standards, and development of trade norms. the development of leisure food the future of the industry oriented innovation and brainstorming. Among them, the safe use of deoxidizer has become a hot topic in the conference.

   "In recent years, the application market of deoxidizer has been expanding, and its use is becoming more and more extensive. Especially the special flavor food, the deoxidizer will not be added into the food, and does not have a direct impact on the production process and taste of the flavored food". Ceng Xiaoming, vice president of Hunan province product quality supervision and Inspection Institute, deoxidizer plays an important role in ensuring food flavor stability. It matches the core demand of flavour snack food, and has wide application prospect in the flavor and snack food industry. This requires our enterprises to strictly abide by the relevant standards.