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Description of group standard for deoxidizer for food (Draft)

Date:2018-02-03 Author: Click:

Description of group standard for deoxidizer for food (Draft)

One. The source of the project:

Deoxidizer for food is a widely used external controlled material in food industry.At present, there is "deoxidizer for food" (SB/T 10514-2008)in China. However, this standard stipulates that quality indicators and raw materials are no longer in line with the technical level and actual development of the deoxidizer products. According to the needs of the enterprises and the market, it is necessary to formulate the group standards for such products and provide the standard basis for the related production enterprises.

Therefore,the Secretary's office of the pastry sub committee made a proposal for the establishment of a group standard project for the food deoxidizer to the China Commercial Federation in 2017,According to the request of the China Commercial Federation on the announcement of the first group standard project plan in 2017,The pastry sub Technical Committee is responsible for the formulation of the group standards for the deoxidizer for food, and is returned by the China Commercial Federation.

Two. The purpose and significance of standard setting work:

Deoxidizing agent products are widely used in Chinese baking (such as cakes, pastries, bread, etc.) and leisure foods (such as areca, red dates, jerky, melon seeds, nuts), although there are industry standards (SB/T 10514-2008),but restrictions on the applicability of the ingredients and functions and the lag of technical indicators,the relevant standards are urgently needed,The production, sales and inspection of deoxidizer for food are further standardized through unified standard standards, and the technological progress of the industry is promoted.

By formulating the group standard of deoxidizer for food,It will play a positive role in promoting the technological progress of this kind of products, upgrading and upgrading the related technical equipment and improving the quality of the products,It will also play an important role in promoting the industrial scale of deoxidizer and promoting the circulation of domestic related products.

Three. The main process of standard setting work:

1、The establishment of the group standard for deoxidizer for food was started in June 2017,Invitation letter from the Secretariat of the pastry sub Technical Committee,The standard drafting unit has been widely recruited, and has been actively supported by China's deoxidizer production enterprises, pastry industry related enterprises, professional industry associations, relevant inspection institutions and local government supervision departments.

2、The cake technology committee is on the basis of extensive research and communication with some enterprises,The pastry Technical Committee Secretariat, Jiangsu ouk Packaging Technology Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Guangyi Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. in June 22, 2017 completed the standard working group for the drafting of draft,and in July 11, 2017, a working meeting of the standard drafting group was held in Hangzhou to consult the opinions and suggestions of the standard drafting units.

3、Based on the summary of standard working group for the drafting of relevant opinions and suggestions on the pastry Technical Committee Secretariat, Jiangsu ouk Packaging Technology Co. Ltd. and Guangdong Guangyi Technology Industrial Co. Ltd. to improve the standard of content, and the formation of the standard draft, and on August 25, 2017 letter, consult the pastry Standard Committee members units and related units, at the same time in the Chinese Commercial Federation website publicity, extensive consultation with all sectors of society opinions and suggestions, publicity period to the end of September 2017 ended.

4、During the consultation and public announcement,a total of 34 replies received。

5、The Secretariat of the technical committee of pastry sub committee perfected the standard content and formed a standard peer review on the basis of summarizing relevant opinions and suggestions. In October 25, 2017, it was submitted to the standard drafting working group member unit to confirm it.

6、The Secretariat of the technical committee of pastry sub committee, based on the recommendations of the drafting unit, further perfected the content of the standard, and formed the draft standard for examination. The manuscript was submitted to the expert group for approval.


Four. The principle of standard formulation:

1、The standard formulation should conform to the relevant laws and regulations and standard requirements of the state.

2、The standard name, terminology and definition should be in accordance with the actual situation of the deoxidizer industry.

3、The classification of product categories should basically cover the actual product and reserve the space for development. And through the unified standard sensory indicators, physical and chemical indicators, inspection methods, labeling and other standards, the consistency of technical requirements of such products is achieved, which is conducive to the promotion and application of such products and product development.

4、There is evidence for the determination of the technical indicators,and there is a product research and development and market space.

5、The food safety index should be consistent with the current national standard of effective food safety.

Five. The main provisions of the standard are as follows:

(One), standard name:

The standard name for the standard draft is "food deoxidizer (package / tablet).",the standard item name "food deoxidizer" is slightly different from the "first group standard project plan issued in 2016" issued by China Federation of Commerce.the reasons for the modification are as follows:

1、In order to distinguish between the line standard SB/T 105140-2008 "food deoxidizer" and avoid confusion between industry standards and group standards. 

2、Deoxidizer can also be called deoxidizer or deoxidization tablets, allowing enterprises to choose their own names, and the smooth connection and transition of names can avoid the waste of existing deoxidizer packaging materials.

(two), preface:

In the "preface" is determined by Pastry Technology Committee (SAC/TC488/SC1) centralized,mainly because deoxidizer belongs to the category of food related products,The standard for the standard centralized pastry advisory services and related interpretation.

(three), scope:

This standard specifies the terms and definitions, classification, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, labeling, packaging, transportation and storage requirements of food deoxidizer.

(four), normative reference documents:

In the normative documents, according to the actual detection method of raw materials and products in the production process refers to the relevant national food safety standards, provides a standard basis for the production and use of food deoxidizer, aims to use the national food safety standards, standardized production deoxidizer.  

(five), terminology and definition:

In this standard we were "deoxidizer" and "type" and "maximum absorption of oxygen", "the speed of absorption of oxygen" and "net hygroscopic weight gain", "the amount of carbon dioxide released, absorb carbon dioxide, volatilization of alcohol" and "oxygen indicator" proposed standard,in particular, the actual conditions of the production of deoxidizer and the habit of the food manufacturers are combined.,determine the definition associated with deoxidizer.

(six), product classification:

In order to popularize the function or category of deoxidizer, there are 4 types of classification in this standard:

1, according to the function of different points:

Single function deoxidizer: only the function of oxygen absorption ;

Multifunctional deoxidizer: in addition to the function of oxygen absorption , it also has one or more functions of moisture absorption, sterilization and air conditioning.

Oxygen indicating functional deoxidizer: deoxidizer with an oxygen indicator.

2, according to the nature of the main material:

Iron deoxidizer: the deoxidizer using the reduced iron powder as the main body.

It is not iron based deoxidizer. It uses one or more kinds of deoxidizing agents, such as vitamin C, polyphenols and oxidases.

3, according to the way of delivery:

Single / package deoxidizer: a single deoxidizing deoxidizer.

Chain deoxidizer: a continuous reel or superimposed deoxidizer.

Paste deoxidizer: glue or non dry glue on the inside of food packaging container, or deoxidizer placed between packaging film.

4. According to the function of packing material

Single guard deoxidizer: the packing material uses the deoxidizer of the leakproof powder.

Three defense deoxidizer: the packing material adopts the deoxidizer of leakproof powder, waterproof and oil proof material.

In order to meet the needs of the production and use of the enterprise, the packaging and marking is specific.

(seven), technical requirements:

1. The requirements of the raw materials are as follows:

This product is a non - edible product, its raw materials are mainly package and functional content.

Packaging materials: The only material that can have direct contact with the food, so it is required to meet the requirements of national food safety standards and other related standards, and the specific testing methods of functional packaging materials are specified. And each / each package of deoxidizer package should be printed with "deoxidizer (package / tablet), non edible" and other words.

Content: to prevent the risk of food safety caused by misuse of food,as long as non food raw materials and raw materials other than GB 2760 are used,deoxidizer needs to be tested by LD50 and the result is nontoxic.

In addition, it is stipulated that the residual solvent is the transfer of deoxidizing agent to control the harmful substances, and the heat sealing strength of deoxidizer is designed to prevent the contaminated food from the leakage of powder.

2, sensory requirements:

The basic requirements for the product are put forward for the product.

3. Physical and chemical indicators:

This standard is an important content of the internal indicators of deoxidizer products, in the most basic functional indicators of the standard is the maximum oxygen consumption rate of oxygen and other indicators, is based on the additional functions of the product to determine the specific values of the indicator to direct, agreed deoxidizer manufacturers and customers both prevail, agreed with the numerical label, specification, contract / agreement etc. some way to express, to avoid disputes according to the.

4. Net content (count) and allowable negative deviation requirements:

   It should meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

(eight), test method:

     In order to standardize the uniformity of deoxidizer index parameters and as a basis for judgment, the specific testing methods of each index are listed in the standard text.

(nine) the rules of inspection:

     According to the standard requirements and product actual inspection rules, especially emphasized that we determine the inspection items include sensory inspection items in the net; content; leak proof powder; oil and water repellent (labeling requirements); maximum oxygen consumption; oxygen absorption rate; single packet size, conforms to the enterprise the actual production, the overall product quality through the raw material control, process control, focus on monitoring, file types and quality management of the enterprise product inspection to ensure.

(ten), labels and signs:

It should be in accordance with the national standards and related requirements.

(eleven), packing:

It should be in accordance with the national standards and related requirements.

(twelve), transportation, storage:

It should be in accordance with the national standards and related requirements.

(thirteen) information on the summary and treatment of opinions:

Since the homemade "deoxidizer used" standard food group to start work, including the drafting of standards working group meeting, advisory opinions, online publicity, pastry standard drafting unit confirmation were collected 34 comments, which adopted 20 part, adopted in 3, not adopted in 11, and not to adopt the opinion to explain (see comment summary table).


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