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Application of deoxidizer in health food

Date:2018-02-03 Author: Click:

Application of deoxidizer in health food


Healthy food is called healthy food because it is good for human health, so healthy food should promote human health and do not contain harmful substances.Foods that do not usually use pesticides, fertilizers, and preservatives and antioxidants are called green foods.Since healthy food is named for health, it should be a green food containing no food additives.But the use of additives is also necessary, and can not be removed because of its harmful effects.If no additives are added, the corresponding alternative measures must be taken.There are some people in the society who strongly resist the additives and think that food is good as long as there is no additive.For this cognitive trend, manufacturers often don't take any measures, but just use them skillfully, and publicize slogans without additives as promotional products.

However, for the food that is easy to oxidize, if no antioxidant measures are taken, once the food is oxidized, it will not only taste bad, but also produce more harmful peroxide than additives.

Healthy food must pay more attention to the quality of quality than the general food.Therefore, the quality assurance technology of safe deoxidizer instead of food additives has attracted people's attention.

First, the principle of deoxidizer

As is known to all, fungi and insects can not reproduce under anaerobic conditions. Because of oxygen, food oxidation and deterioration will make food color, taste change and nutrient loss.Therefore, the necessary oxygen for the survival of human beings is the enemy of food.Deoxidizer is an oxidizable substance in a small ventilate bag  that can be removed in a certain amount of oxygen in a certain condition and in a certain period of time.The small bag deoxidizer is sealed with food in the container. The oxygen in the container will react with the deoxidizer. In a certain time, the container will be anaerobic. In this way, food will not be protected by the harm of oxygen.

The main raw material of deoxidizer is iron, it has the following advantages: stable performance, a short time will not fall; no odor and harmful gases; if eating is harmless to the human body; plus iron is cheap, so it can popularization.

The use of deoxidizer can achieve almost perfect effect. Because the container is almost in the anaerobic state, it has good quality guarantee effect, the storage period of food is significantly prolonged, and more benefits can be gained in the circulation process.

For healthy food, it is the main purpose of using deoxidizer to prevent the oxidation of fat, prevent discoloration, discoloration, and keep the nutrients.

Second, application and market development of deoxidizer

    ①Start raw food upsurge

In Japan, the main use of deoxidizer is the anti mildew and oxidation resistance of pastry food.Then from the pastry extended to nuts, sausage, and other cooked  food.Then there was a pancake that was preserved with deoxidizer,and the pastry which is the mainstream of the packaging cake, instead of the former steamed cakes.

Then it introduced a variety of "raw" food before the name of the commodity,such as raw fish meal, and corn flour dough etc.,and the multi - water natto, the half cooked dessert, the wet type of powdery food, and the semi - dried fish are also listed in succession.These foods are all fresh-keeping by deoxidizing agents. If there is no deoxidizer, these are hard to be developed.

②The upsurge of supporting healthy food

Subsequently, Deoxidizer has played a major role in the field of healthy food that people yearn for.In the Japanese Journal of health, people often talk about foods that do not use food additives,foods that do not contain lipid peroxidation that are the cause of aging, and contain lots of VE and VC to prevent aging, foods that prevent low blood sugar and high blood sugar and so on.There are signs of these healthy food everywhere, which can ensure the quality of the food, and deoxidizer plays a major role.

In the early years of Japan, because of the problem of BHA (additive), the small cooked fish, which was in trouble, kept its flavor with deoxidizer.The pasta food with PG (propylene glycol) problem is also solved by deoxidizer.VE and VC, which are easily destroyed by oxidation, the germ and brown rice containing a large number of nutrients are preserved in the oxygen free state of  and can maintain their original quality.With a large amount of sugar and salt to prolong the storage period of dessert and shrimp, salted fish dry, the use of deoxidizing agent to achieve low saccharification and low salinization.