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How to choose the desiccant packing material

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How to choose the desiccant packing material


The safety of packaging material is mainly reflected in its strength, dust resistance and sealing strength. In the application of desiccant, the role of packaging material is to ensure that the adsorbent is isolated from the products that need moistureproof. The drying adsorbent leakage caused by the defects of packaging materials may affect the quality of products.

a.Self strength: the packaged goods may be squeezed by a jolt and a twist during moving or transportation. If the desiccant packing material does not have a good strength, it will increase the risk of breaking the package.

b.Sealing strength: the most easily ruptured part of the desiccant bag is the sealing part, so the packaging material is required to have a high sealing strength, so as to avoid the risk of the adsorbent leakage in the desiccant bag.

c.Anti dust: all kinds of dry adsorbents have certain dust, and dust is very dangerous to some products. Of course, most common products are not sensitive to trace amounts of dust. Of all the drying agent packaging materials, the DuPont Co's Tyvek is the most dustproof packing material.


The air permeability of the desiccant packing material is the most important performance of its effectiveness. The desiccant DIN55473 German standard and the MIL-D-3464E American military standard require that the packing materials of the desiccant have good steam permeability. The package material required by the FDA certification body in the United States is a desiccant packing material that can direct direct contact with medicines, health products and food. The desiccant, which uses the bad permeable packing material, will have the problem of slow moisture absorption, which affects the effect of the drying agent to control the humidity.

Economical efficiency

The desiccant is mainly used for proof, based on safe and effective, choose a suitable product of the desiccant package material is very important, so this requires us in the process of selection of products, the safety and effectiveness of demand, combined with the price factor, a scheme suitable for desiccant products choose from their own find the best price. It's easy to do this by contrast.