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    Honeycomb activated carbon

  • Peoduct:Deodorant

  • Raw materials:High quality activated carbon
    Product specification:Customizable

    Product size:Customizable

    Product function:Smell remover

    Application scope:Indoor, car, etc

    Order Hotline:400-888-7211

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1.Product description:                                                      

Honeycomb activated carbon is made of high quality activated carbon as raw material, pressed by bee mould, and activated by high temperature activation.

2.Product features:                                                         

     Honeycomb activated carbon has the characteristics of large specific surface area, small hole resistance, developed micropores, high adsorption capacity, long service life and so on. It is widely used in air pollution control. The honeycomb activated carbon adsorption method is used, that is, the waste gas is exposed to the porous activated carbon with large surface area. The pollutants in the waste gas are adsorbed and decomposed, which can be used to purify.

     The honeycomb activated carbon is divided into two kinds: one is the conventional type, which is characterized by high density and effective composition, but can not be used in wet environment and softening and collapsing in water. The other is water resistant type. Honeycomb activated carbon is used for water treatment and two times burning. It can be used in the open air or high humidity environment for a long time. It has the characteristics of high strength, water resistance, strong acid resistance and strong alkali resistance. The adsorption effect is stronger. It can be widely used in wastewater treatment, organic solution recovery adsorption, as a variety of catalysts. The carrier is used.

3.Technical parameter:                                                      

Main components

Activated carbon

Normal compressive strength



Customizing according to customer requirements

Use of temperature



Smooth surface, no crack

Specific surface area



4.Product application:                                                      

   Honeycomb activated carbon can be widely used in various gas purification equipment and waste gas treatment works. Practice has proved that purification effect is better than ordinary activated carbon. The pollutants that can be removed by honeycomb activated carbon are: nitrogen oxide, carbon tetrachloride, chlorine, benzene, two formaldehyde, acetone, ethanol, ether, methanol, acetic acid, ethyl ester, styrene, phosgene, odor gas and other acid and alkali gases.

   It can be directly used or installed in the purification cabinet and the adsorption bed. If the exhaust gas concentration is high and the discharge volume is large, two cleaning cabinets and adsorption beds can be used alternately. In the process of use, try to avoid the high temperature, the high temperature will reduce the amount of adsorption, the amount of adsorption decreases with the increase of temperature; at the same time, it is necessary to avoid high dust content and oil mist, because the tar dust will plug the activated carbon micropores, increase the resistance and reduce the adsorption effect. If the environment contains a large amount of dust and tar, it should be added to the former grade Dust removal and filtration can achieve the best use effect and the longest service life.