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    Molecular sieve desiccant

  • Peoduct:Molecular sieve desiccant

  • Raw materials:molecular sieve
    Product specification:5g

    Product size:50*65mm

    Product function:dehumidification

    Application scope:Electronic products, glass instruments, etc.

    Order Hotline400-888-7211

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1.Product description:                                                      

Molecular sieve is a kind of crystalline aluminosilicate, which has uniform pore size and high specific surface area. According to crystal structure, molecular sieve can be divided into 3A, 4A, 5A, 13A, etc., which is strong and effective in moisture absorption, and can adsorb methanol, ethanol, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and so on.


2.Product features:                                                         

1. Innocuous and harmless, no corrosion;

2. The chemical properties are stable, wear resistant, and have strong mechanical strength.

3. The moisture absorption properties affected by the environmental humidity is small, in the ultra low humidity environment (RH=5%), still can absorb moisture, and humidity control ability;

4. Renewable utilization, and the number of reutilization can reach many times.

5. Orange silica gel is added to visualize the hygroscopic state and whether it is invalid.


3.Technical parameter:                                                      


numerical value

Heat loss after heating


static state water absorption


Spherical particle qualification rate


Stacking density(g/L


4.Product application:                                                      

   It is widely used in the deep drying of air, natural gas, alkanes, refrigerants and other gases and liquids. bio pharmaceutical and semiconductor and other high-end field products moisture; drug packaging, electronic components and perishable material drying; automobile brake ball; mobile phone, tablet computer, smart watches and other electronic products.