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Hangzhou Ganjiang 2018 annual meeting

Date:2018-02-05 Author: Click:

Love go getters  Win the world together

                  Hangzhou Ganjiang 2018 annual meeting ended


At the start of the new year, Everything looks fresh and gay. January 18th Hangzhou Ganjiang Industrial Co. Ltd. 2018 new year will be held in Ling'an bixue Lake Ecological farm. All the people from all over the world will have a joyous gathering together, at the end of the feast.

 Morning through the collective three countries activities, the athletes go getters feel full of unity and cohesion, narrowing the distance between hearts.

  Afternoon, everyone gathered in the outdoor venue, it is expected to usher in the "Three Kingdoms" theme activities. Dangerous mud Shahe, minefield extract and other activities, everyone played the legs soft, but hi happy. Through the activity, people sincere cooperation Our wills unite like a fortress. team consciousness, but also enhance the one large team cohesion and combat effectiveness!

The theme of development activities after the introduction, the annual dinner has opened in the host of wonderful and sincere New Year message, 2017 is a year of rapid development of Gan Gan, is to hold high the banner of leading the development of the industry for a year.


General manager Mr. Wu Fangping delivered a welcome from Mr Wu, in the 17 year getters certainly achieved extraordinary results at the same time, also put forward 18 year higher goals. He said: "the rapid development of Gan comes from passion and ambitious team, our ambition is not just personal progress, the team's progress, it is our industry development progress, we want to lead the industry to the ideal of passion! As the industry leader, will people must have the courage and determination!"



Ganjiang general manager Wu Fangping speech


The most exciting year in the process of the awards part, by Mr. Zhou Farong assistant general manager, deputy general manager Mr. Dong Quanhong and others were awarded the best team award, best team attendance award, the award for the best employees, the best team award, breakthrough performance award, Gan elite followed by the stage, receiving accolades and awards by waves of applause, the audience.



Award 1


At the end of the award presentation, the words "Happy New Year" and the words of the lyrics, and so on, will bring the atmosphere to the climax at a sudden!


The employee interaction game in the program is bustling. At the same time, with the continuous extraction of the three prize, the two prize and the first prize, the atmosphere of the annual meeting has gone to another wave of climax. The ultimate prize has finally fallen in the hands of Su Dexiang, the technology department. The New Year dinner on the staff for the new year toast, the common wish tomorrow will be better.



Award-winning photo


The Annual meeting in a harmonious, warm, passionate, happy atmosphere successfully concluded, to show the people go getters energetic, positive, unity and enterprising spirit.


Big picture



As the Iron Man Road, chamc. 2018 has entered the door, we need the pursuit of quality, to customers as usual. In the new year, we will always be thankful, join hands with you, win the future of the industry together.。


The new year, Ganjiang people bless you!


I wish you a happy new year and all the best.


2018, we create brilliance again!!!