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How does the food deoxidizer cause the deformation of the packaging pot

Date:2018-01-12 Author: Click:

How does the food deoxidizer cause the deformation of the packaging pot

Currently on the market there are many kinds of food is made of plastic cans, compared with the traditional soft packing bag, plastic jars of food is more beautiful and elegant in appearance, and the product is more upscale, the transportation, sales process of food packaging protection than ordinary soft bag packaging has more advantages, therefore, the plastic packaging of food is more common, more common is some nuts, candy cakes, etc..

These canned foods are usually oxidized during storage. For example, the appearance of nuts oxidation is the smell of food. Besides the smelly smell, pastry food may grow mouldy. In order to solve these problems, food manufacturers usually use some preservatives, antioxidants, preservation method of deoxidizing agent, but also as far as possible to reduce food moisture in these preservation methods, directly added preservative safety is often questioned by consumers, the use of deoxidizer preservation is the most safe preservation method, and the preservation effect more obvious.

The use of deoxidizer in plastic cans for food preservation,the manufacturer usually finds the problem: why does the plastic packaging pot of food be deformed?

Using a common deoxidizing agent in plastic jar sealed in, Deoxidizer will put plastic jar oxygen suction, oxygen for air volume in the jar when the jar is about 21%, the oxygen is deoxidizer suction, reduce the air pressure inside the jar, when the plastic jar is not strong enough to resist the external air air force, plastic jar will appear the phenomenon of shrinkage deformation.

In the solution of plastic jar deformation problems, some manufacturers will use some wrong methods, such as deliberately sealed jar membrane into a hole, or the use of models is very small even no deoxidant oxygen absorption effect, this method can solve the plastic tank deformation problem, but had no effect on food preservation.The air can be quickly put into the jar by sealing the holes on the sealed jar. The deoxidizer will soon lose efficacy, and the oxygen concentration in the tank will not decrease. The oxidation problem will still be generated;When using a small deoxidizer, the oxygen concentration in the plastic tank did not drop much, and the air pressure in the tank did not decrease, so the plastic tank did not deform, but there was a lot of oxygen in the tank, which is certainly unable to solve the problem of food preservation.We usually have a wrong understanding of this, that is because the plastic deformation can put the deoxidant oxygen capacity is too large, in fact, in the case of effective oxygen plastic tank, the size of the deformation and deoxidizer selected here is not affected, because, in the plastic tank seal within the oxygen volume fixed air volume, accounting for about 21% of the tank, the tank is also the oxygen volume is certain, whether amplification models, or small types of deoxidizer, the maximum contraction rate is the same as the tank.

It is necessary to put in the fresh deoxidizer packaging cans, cans and solve the deformation problem, there are two methods, one is to increase the thickness of the strength of the packing tank, the air pressure inside the tank to reduce the resistance to the pressure, this method will increase the cost of the packing tin, and the strength of the tank mouth sealing film we can not guarantee; two is the use of organic deoxidier, such products can also release the same oxygen gas volume of carbon dioxide in the absorption of oxygen at the same time, the cost of the product than the ordinary deoxidizer although expensive, but relatively thick plastic packing can increase the cost is much lower, at the same time, this method can more to effectively extend product shelf-life, ensure the food quality, can bring tangible benefits for manufacturers.